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KV2 AUDIO ES 2.6 PAS DUAL 15 SUB 8ohms"



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Specifikacijo izdelka si oglejte na strani KV2 ...več infomacij... The ES 2.6 (8 ohms) is a double 15”, high output subwoofer designed for the ES Series speaker system. Using new concepts in twin asymmetrical acoustic chambers it delivers very high speaker loading and intense output from a relatively small cabinet footprint. Reproducing low frequencies with very high transient content it is ideal for use in live applications or as part of a five way ES system utilising VHD 1.21’s. Together with the ES 1.0 and EPAK 2500/R, the ES 2.6 delivers the highest dynamic range of any other comparable system providing new levels of clarity, depth and resolution. Very high quality fixed installations. Professional portable PA Systems for large format AV speech and multimedia playback. Medium - sized live music applications. Professional Mobile DJ with ES 1.0 and EPAK 2500/R. Product ES2.6 System Acoustic Perfomance   -3dB Response 38Hz - 130Hz -10dB Response 34Hz - 130Hz Max SPL Long-term 132dB (137dB-two ES 2.6's) Max SPL Peak 135dB (140dB-two ES 2.6's) Crossover Point 130Hz Impedance 8?   Subwoofer Section   Acoustic Design Twin Asymmetrical loading Woofer Size/ Voice Coil Diameter/ Design 15" / 4" /  Inside Outside Diaphragm Material Epoxy Reinforced Cellulose Magnet Type Ferrite Subwoofer Amplifier Requirement 800W / ES 2.6 from EPAK 2500/R   Physical Dimensions   Height 600mm (23.62") Width 700mm (27.55") Depth 750mm (29.52") Weight 69kg (151.8lbs)   Speaker Input /Output   Speaker Input/ Output Input and Output EP4

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KV2 AUDIO ES 2.6 PAS DUAL 15 SUB 8ohms"

KV2 AUDIO ES 2.6 PAS DUAL 15 SUB 8ohms"