FBT HIMAXX 40 8OHM 500/1000W



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FBT HiMaxX 40 - 500W - 12" + 1" Sound Reinforcement Monitor The world famous FBTMaxX™ series has been dominant in the portable PA market for almost a decade. Can anyone else make something better? Only FBT could invent AGAIN!!! FBT is proud to introduce the new HiMaxX 40a - the most advanced professional powered polypropylene moulded speaker  system that is miles ahead of the competition. The new HiMaxX™ takes moulded active speaker technology to superior level and finally sweeps aside those competitors who fail to offer our premium features   > Excellent WEIGHT/POWER ratio. HiMaxX 40 weighs just a bit more than the FBTMaxX 4 while the total power capacity has almost doubled > New FBT proprietary designed 12” (3” VC) B&C® custom made neodymium magnet woofer, has a more efficient ventilation system resulting in a 1.5dB reduction of power compression and a more rigid cone for increased reliability. The internal coil has 75mm (3”) diameter for greater power handling and reliability > New B&C® 1” (1.7” VC) HF compression driver with shorting copper cup for improved extension and efficiency in the mid-frequencies and lower distortion. The coil measures 44mm (1.7”) diameter and the driver is coupled to a 90°H x 60°V constant directivity horn > New FBT proprietary gas-injection polypropylene moulded asymmetrical trapezoidal design enclosure of extremely high quality, lightness, strength, resistance, flexibility and applications. The total volume increases +5Lt of load to the woofer, maintaining the same width and height of the FBTMaxX4 model, whilst producing a more powerful bass response. The reflex tuning ports are newly designed and optimised to reduce turbulences and compression.

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FBT HIMAXX 40 8OHM 500/1000W

FBT HIMAXX 40 8OHM 500/1000W