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The Dynaudio BM14S is perfectly suited for adding that extra low-end punch to a 2-speaker system. The BM14S delivers a clear, punchy, crisp sound, while its size makes it perfect for virtually any environment. The BM14S is great for stereo and multichannel monitoring in demanding production environments like post production, music recording and mixing, film editing, DVD authoring and mastering, multichannel production (audio or audio for pictures), broadcast, edit suites, and OB vans. Dynaudio BM14S subwoofers are ideally suited to obtain maximum response from high-resolution formats such as DVD-Audio and SACD. These characteristics in combination with sustained high volume level capabilities also make Dynaudio BM14S subwoofers an ideal choice for demanding home theater set-ups. Dynaudio BM14S at a Glance: * 300 Watt Active sub with 12" woofer * Phase adjustment 0°/180° 250 Watt Active 12" Sub The Dynaudio BM14S has been designed to compliment the Dynaudio BM series in both stereo and multichannel setups. With a 12" woofer and 250 Watts of power, the Dynaudio BM14S will surely take care of the most challenging requests. But being very versatile, multiple Dynaudio BM14S's will compliment larger multichannel setups, giving a very powerful system for the most demanding studios. Phase Adjustment The Phase setting of the Dynaudio BM14S has been factory-set at 0° which in many cases will be the appropriate setting but can be adjusted to 180°. The Crossover frequency of the BM14S can be set to four positions: 60, 80, 100Hz and Flat. The roll-off slope is 24dB per octave. The Phase relationship between a subwoofer and satellite speakers is very dependent on relative distance, construction, and working principles of the main speakers. If either BM14S or main speaker are slightly delayed in response in relation to the other, it can result in decreased bass output in the frequency response area where they overlap each other. With the phase settings of the Dynaudio BM14S you can adjust the timing relationship between the BM14S and main speakers for optimal performance. Dynaudio BM14S Features: o 12" woofer o Phase adjustment from 0° - 180° o Auto on/off, power LED o Mode selection, LFE or slave o Seamless adjustment of low-pass corner frequencies o SAT/SUB high-pass adjustment, Flat, 60Hz, 80Hz o Dimensions: 13.8" x 14.5" x 16.5" o 300 watts @ 4 Ohms o Discrete LFE input, slave output for linking o Closed cabinet for extremely precise low frequency reproduction

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