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Spletna stran proizvajalca CARVINCARVIN C2448 Concert Series Mixer The unveiling of the new C2448 Concert Series Console demonstrates Carvin's commitment to professional live sound. Many of you have asked for more channel sends and additional EQ. Our answer to your request is now available in two frame sizes featuring 24 or 32 channels featuring 8 channel sends (6 monitors and 2 effects). The 4-band channel EQ features dual sweep parametrics with LO MIDS and HI MIDS giving you greater control of your sound. The four main buses (groups) feature their own compressor/limiter with a Link switch for tracking two compressors together, which a big plus for controlling drums, choir, etc. The exclusive optional True Diversity USM16 built-in wireless systems allow each board to have up to 4 wireless units whether it be mic or belt-pack systems. The advantage of adding these options now or later is that the operator eliminates cable clutter. The wireless units are automatically routed to the first four channels on the console plus the internal power supply and the rear antennas. Each system is connected with a simple plug-in connector. For more information, read about the UX16 wireless products, which is the outboard version of the USM16. The Concert Series is designed for installations such as churches and performance venues, or for small touring sound systems. The engineering and design is what you'd expect from this high-end manufacturer. Careful attention has been given to the mechanical construction, to ensure reliability under all conditions. The sealed controls keep the dust out while the SMT Surface Mount Technology insures the integrity of every component. The rugged steel chassis incorporates the integral SwitchMode power supply, which also features two 5V USB power ports for iPods™ or panel lights. The power supply conveniently auto-switches to either 120V 60 Hz or 240V 50 Hz operation. Made in the USA at our San Diego, CA facility. Recommended Applications - Touring - Theatres - Houses of Worship - Music Venues - Musicians & Bands - Recording & Mixing Channel Features - 4 BUS GROUP ASSIGN - L/R ASSIGN - 8 SENDS-6 MONITOR - 2 EFFECTS - 4 Band EQ with LOW-MID and HI-MID sweeps - Balanced XLR Mic inputs - Balanced LINE inputs - +48v PHANTOM power - CH Gain: 55 dB - R/L STEREO PAN - SIGNAL LED - PEAK LED - MUTE SWITCH - PFL SWITCH - 60mm audio FADER Master Features: - 4 SUB GROUP faders - 4 SUB GROUP COMPRESSORS with LINK Switches - L/R Assign switches - L/R MAIN faders - MONO output control - 6 MONITOR sends - 2 EFFECT sends - 2 Stereo RETURNS - Record out stereo RCA - 2 built-in 24-BIT EFFECTS reverbs, chorus, echos, flanging - 256 effects each - 2 master effects LEVELS - 4 EFFECT PARAMETERS - 2 EFFECT PEAK indicators - 2 EFFECT MUTE switches - EFFECTS to MONITORS - 2 USB Power ports - 2 - 9 BAND GRAPHIC EQ - EQ ASSIGN switches - 10 segment VU meters - VU & PHONES switches - Stereo SLUŠALKE level - OUTPUTS: BAL XLR’s & 1/4", USB L/R - OUTPUT:+28dBm - THD less than .01% SPECIFICATIONS 6 monitor sends Lo, mid & high parametric EQ Two 5V USB power ports 4 bus compressor with link switches Freq. response: 20-20k Hz ±1 dB THD distortion: .01% 20-20k Hz E I N: -117 dBm S/N Ratio 90 dB Dynamic Range: 104 dB Mic Gain: 52 dB Line Gain: 30 dB Total Gain: 72 dB (balanced) Max Output: +28 dBm Power Req. 90 to 250VAC 50-60Hz, 50VA Dimensions: 30" wide X 16.25" deep X 3.75" high Weight: 23 lbs Made in San Diego, California

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