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Spletna stran proizvajalca MACKIEThe Mackie 1604 VLZ3 16 Channel Compact Analog Mixer. Highly regarded mixer with professional-grade sound quality, indespensible for live and recording environments. The Mackie 1604 VLZ3 delivers superb sound quality and extreme versatility, an ideal live mixing board for club work, or a full-featured workhorse for home and studio recording. It has sleek looks, upgraded EQ circuitry and sixteen of the latest XDR2 individual mic preamps with THD below 0.0007%, and overall THD less than 0.0025%. (In case you’re not an electronics engineer, that means they’re incredibly quiet!). The 1604-VLZ3 mixer is packed with premium features on every channel; 75Hz Low-Cut filters, four Aux Sends, inserts, phantom power, constant-loudness Pan controls, OL (overload) and signal present LEDs, sub and main mix assign switches, and assignable AFL/PFL Solo switch. And since you can never have too many output options, Mackie provide a Control Room/Phones source matrix, Master Aux section with EFX to Monitor, tape outputs, high-volume headphone amplifier, channels 1-8 direct outs, and balanced XLR and balanced/unbalanced TRS outputs. Other features include the 3-band Active EQ with sweepable midrange and the Split-monitoring routing using direct outs on the first eight channels to your multitrack and the last eight channels for the multitrack outs, making the 1604-VLZ3 a truly powerful 8-track recording console. The optional Rotopod VLZ is a finely crafted all-steel fixture that allows the 1604’s patchbay to be rotated to one of three unique positions. With the Rotopod kit you can configure your 1604 for desktop use with the jack field facing up, or out (standard, right out of the box). For rackmount installations, the Rotopod makes it easy to access the patchbay from either the front or rear of the rack. With the Mackie Rotopod, you get to choose the patchbay position that best suits your needs. An exceptional array of professional features - along with solid-steel construction - makes the Mackie 1604-VLZ3 equally at home on the road, on the stage, or in the studio. Overall, the Mackie 1604-VLZ3 is packed with features, built to last and delivers sixteen channels of superb sound quality with wide dynamic range and headroom, and low noise, legendary Mackie sound. The main features of the Mackie 1604 VLZ3 include: Highly regarded mixer with professional-grade sound quality, indespensible for live and recording environments Ultra-low noise VLZ3 design with highest possible headroom 16 studio-grade XDR2 Extended Dynamic Range mic preamps with Ultra-wide 60dB gain range, 130dB dynamic range, +22dBu line input handling, Extended low frequency response, Distortion under 0.0007% THD (20Hz - 20kHz), Phantom power for studio condenser mics 16 high-headroom line inputs, 16 channel inserts Advanced DC pulse transformer RF rejection 60mm long-wearing logarithmic-taper faders 4 Aux sends, level, pan, -20dB/Solo and OL/Mute LEDs on each channel 4 stereo Aux returns, 8 Direct outs, 4 Group/Bus outputs 3-band Active EQ with sweepable midrange 18dB/oct. 75Hz Lo-Cut filter on mic channels Control Room/Phones multi-input source matrix Balanced 1/4 inch inputs and outputs (except inserts) Rack-mountable design with three physical configurations via rotating I/O pod Sealed rotary controls to resist dust and grime Multi-Voltage power supply for worldwide use Rugged steel chassis

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