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Spletna stran proizvajalca ZOOM The Zoom G5 Guitar Effects & Amp Simulator Pedal builds on the foundations of the revolutionary Zoom G3 providing a powerful multi-effects pedal with the ease & usability of an everyday stomp box pedal, whilst offering a range of useful features including: USB interface, LCD display and Tube Booster, to mention a few. The Zoom G5 may look scary, but in fact it couldn’t be simpler to use. The large LCD displays a corresponding pedal and allows you to adjust the parameters with control knobs, just as you’d do on an individual stomp box pedal. The G5 allows you to use up to nine stomp boxes and amp effects simultaneously. Power is everything. The G5 features a more than useful Tube Booster footswitch which provides impulsive power to your amplifier, with up to 16dB of amp overdrive, which will particularly come in handy when soloing. Furthest to the right of the board, not to be missed is the ‘Z-pedal’ expression pedal which supports 3D action. Whereas most standard expression pedals sense movement by a conventional up/down movement, the G5 also understands sideways movement. The G5 features effects specifically designed to use with the Z-pedal, whist providing no restrictions to your standard effects. The Zoom G5 features a massive library of over 100 stompbox effects, including some of the most popular pedals and rack-mounts with a HD DSP powered Reverb. If you can’t anything your comfortable with, the G5 features over 120 built-in DSP effects, allowing you to create your own sounds and store up to 297 of your very own sounds. The G5 has 20 real amplifier models for you to choose from, including vintage classics and modern technology. Combine heads and cabinets to design your very own custom all inside the G5. Not to forget – the Zoom G5 features an awesome awesome awesome looper function with 60-second phrase recording and overdubbing, plus your very own personal drummer with over 40 different rhythm patterns (39 more than your standard drummer) with a range of beats, shuffle and patterns. The cr?me de la cr?me – the G5 also works a USB audio interface, allowing you to record directly to your computer to any DAW, or take advantage of the included Steinberg Cubase LE recording software. Also Zoom’s Edit & Share software, available by download, lets you to create, edit and save your personalized amp and effect settings on your computer and use at another time OR download the latest Zoom patch creations. Lastly, the XLR output avoids horrible DI boxes completely and lets you connect the G5 directly to a mixing desk and the G5’s built in Tuner function offers precision guitar tuning accuracy. The main features of the Zoom G5 Guitar Effects & Amp Simulator Pedal include: Evolution of tube amp simulation The newest generation of DSP: ZFX-IV Super-real amp modelling Huge range of World-renowned stompbox effects including distortion, compression, modulation, delay and reverb Over 120 versatile effects on-board Looper function with 60-second phrase recording/overdubbing Personal drummer with 40 different rhythm patterns USB audio interface for DAW recording Balanced XLR output for DI use Accurate, real-time Tuner function Super-low noise design Super fast patch change speed Free Edit & Share software for Mac/PC Optional expression pedal and footswitch (not included) FP01 or FP02

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