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A World of Genres in One Amazing Accordion!The Roland FR-18 diatonic V-Accordion is the world's first diatonic digital accordion. Equipped with the same level of sound quality and natural, dynamic response that have made the rest of the Roland V-Accordion series win awards all around the world, the FR-18 diatonic takes the instrument to a whole new level of versatility. Onboard is a virtual playground of sounds covering world and orchestral styles, plus an incredible sound set that lets you choose instantly from a lineup of 12 virtual diatonic accordions. On top of that, the FR-18 diatonic V-Accordion features stunning Virtual Tone Wheel organs, percussion, and other amazing instrument sounds. Roland FR-18 diatonic V-Accordion Features at a Glance: Color: Red World's first digital diatonic accordion 12 onboard accordion models, including three user sets Virtual Tone Wheel organs onboard with slow and fast rotary Drum function for manual percussion via bass and chord buttons Right hand keyboard: 37 buttons, velocity sensitive, selectable tablature and key Left hand keyboard: 18 bass buttons, velocity sensitive, selectable tablature and key (same as for right hand), selectable button chord behavior (full chord or omitted third) Bellows: Real pneumatic detection of bellows pressure (high resolution pressure sensor), bellows resistance regulator Max polyphony: 128 voices Wave ROM: 64MB of waveforms (8+8MB expansion sounds) Tones: 12 accordion Sets, each including: 8 treble registers, 8 orchestral sounds, 4 organ sounds, 3 bass Treble reed footages: 5 Bass reed footages: 3 Chord reed footages: 2 Modeled noises: Stopping-reed growl, closing valve noise, left button noise Modeled individual reed simulation: Hysteresis threshold, expression curve, pressure-variant filter, pressure-variant pitch deviation Modeled reed sound wave switching: By bellows acceleration, by note repetition speed Micro tuning presets: 15 (Dry, Classic, F-Folk, American L/H, North Europe, German L/H, D-Folk L/H, Alpine, Italian L/H, French, Scottish) Reverb: 8 types Chorus: 8 types, rotary (Slow/Fast) for organ sounds Panel controls Knobs: VOLUME Panel switches: 4 treble registers + ORCHESTRA/ORGAN button, SET/FUNCTION register, 3 bass registers, ORCH. BASS button, ORC. CHORD button, LEFT REGISTER button, KEY/DEMO button, USER PROGRAM button, DRUMS button, TABLATURE button, POWER button ORCHESTRA/ORGAN modes: Solo, Dual Key: 12 possible keys (C, C#, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G, Ab, A, Bb, B) Tablatures: 12 types Bass: On/Off Octave: Down, 0, Up (for Treble and Orchestra/Organ), 4 User Program memories Power supply: AC adapter, batteries (AA, HR6 Rechargeable Ni-MH x 8) - Wireless unit and batteries are sold separately Current draw: 500 mA Battery life: Approximately 5.5 hours using Ni-MH 2000 mAh batteries OUTPUT jacks: (L/Mono, R/Mono): 1/4" phone type PHONES jack: stereo 1/4" phone type USB-type B: For MIDI over USB USB-type A: For flash memory storage devices MIDI OUT/IN connector (function adjustable via parameter) DC IN jack Width: 14-3/8" Depth: 7-11/16" Height: 14-13/16" Weight: 11 lbs., 11 oz.

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