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Stanton CMP.800 The CMP.800 Cross-Media Player provides all the features needed for today's technology-minded DJ. Providing a newly-designed high-resolution Jog wheel with Multi-style, illuminated position indicator, CD & Mass-Storage Device playback, built-in sampler, hot-cues, loops beat-synchronized FX and full MIDI control, the Stanton CMP.800 is a true high performance DJ cross-media player at an unbelievable price point that won't break the bank. Features: Multi-Format Playback The CMP.800 builds on existing CD and CD-MP3 playback functionality by including the ability to playback MP3's stored on external USB thumb drives and hard drives. The "ChainLink" feature allows you to connect two CMP.800s via a single USB cable to share a single external USB mass storage device between the two players. This way, DJs don't have to manage multiple storage devices, and can show up to the party with only a single Mass Storage device. The included "Media Wallet" software, allows you to sort and prepare their media for playback, creating playlists and organizing their songs on your computer before a gig. Full MIDI Control The CMP.800 also performs as a fully-functional MIDI controller allowing you to control applications (such as Native Instrument's Traktor and Mixvibes Cross) with full assignment of virtually every button and knob on the top panel as well as Deck A/B assignment. Auto Beat Loop The CMP.800 includes both traditional Manually-Controlled Loops and BPM-Controlled Auto Beat Loop functionality, with 6 different loop lengths. Loop length can be adjusted during playback allowing you to create unique mixes and stutter effects. Multi-Function Jog Wheel with Illuminated Jog Ring The CMP.800 features a high resolution, touch-sensitive illuminated platter wheel for easy viewing of cue points and speed, with 9 different LED modes. The CMP.800 platter can even control functions such as pitch bending, loop end point, scanning, frame searching, parameter control for effects, and pitch/volume control for sampling. 3 Beat-Syncable DSP Effects The CMP.800 provides 3 high-quality DSP effects, derived from our award-winning M.207 mixer, including ECHO, FLANGER, and FILTER with 2 control parameters per effect. Hot Cues and Loops The CMP.800 can store up to 4 Hot Cues per song, with an internal memory of 2048 cue points for audio CD's and MP3 CD's. Also, Hot Cues can be stored on your USB Mass-Storage device for expandable and virtually unlimited Cue and loop storage. 4-Bank Sampler For even more creative remix possibilities, the CMP.800 lets DJs store four 5-second samples on the unit that can be played simultaneously with your currently playing track (CD or MP3). Sample playback is controlled from the 4 rugged rubber trigger pads on the front of the unit, and have available pitch and volume control for mixing the samples with currently playing material. Media Player Anti-Shock playback with buffer memory Slot-in loading mechanism Automatic and manual tap beat counter Sleep function for reduced power consumption Mixer section includes: Media Types Support for MP3 playback with text display 2 USB sockets for external USB device support All control elements are MIDI compatible A/B deck switchable MIDI setup ID3 TAG support Playback Instant start with anti-shock buffer Next Track pre-selection track function Instant playback from cue point Fader start to control playback on fader move Relay play function Single and Continuous play modes Vinyl emulation with adjustable Start /Brake Speed Cue Play function for instant main Cue Point Playback Data Search Track and folder searching system Search/Scan via large jog wheel Frame search for precise searching "Media Wallet" software for fast searching large USB devices Onboard file and folder browsing Cues / Loops Auto cue function cues track to start of music Seamless loop function / reloop function Loop out point real-time adjustment Four independent hot cues/loops banks with real-time adjustment Auto Loop function with 6 selectable bar lengths Four hot cues/loops per track with over 2000 possible for CD and virtually unlimited for USB drive Four independent 5-second samples with pitch and volume adjustment Pitch Control Adjustable pitch range ±6%, ±10%, ±16% and ±100% High quality 100 mm long pitch fader Micro pitch with resolution down to 0.02% Pitch bend up to ± 100% Key Lock allow a track's tempo to be changed without affecting the original key of the track Platter Touch sensitive platter for scratching Platter LED ring provides instantaneous visual feedback with 9 available LED styles Multifunctional platter for frame search, pitch bend, sample adjustment and effects adjustment Three modes for jog wheel: Normal CDJ, Scratch, Touch rewind Effects Three superb beat synchronized digital effects Built-in Effects: Echo, Flanger and Filter Effect parameters Time and Depth adjustable via Jog Wheel Beat select/bank button Display Enhanced brightness dot-matrix VFD display for all functions Display playing address Elapsed/remain time display Displays text for ID3 tags and folder names for easy navigation Text display for navigating folders on MP3 CDs and USB flash drives Output Digital S/PDIF output Headphones output with volume control Analog RCA outputs

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