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The Line 6 StageScape M20d is a 20 input smart digital mixing system that streamlines the way you work. Drawing on years digital sound processing and modeling experience, the StageScape M20d uses a combination of input sensing and DSP technology to guide you through setting up your system. Ensuring you get a great sounding mix quickly and easily every time. The StageScape M20d features auto-sensing inputs and ground-breaking touchscreen visual mixing, that displays icons to represent each performer or input replacing generic knobs and faders. Touch a performer and adjust a whole host of parameters, from basic tweaks to in-depth editing. Each channel features dynamics, EQ and effects processing that can be taliored to the performer, allowing flexible tone-shaping possibilities. Choose from a vast selection of channel presets or create your own, all mixer settings can be recalled at the touch of button where ever you are. Use the on-board 'Quick Capture' to record and hold up to 20 seconds of audio in memory, enabling you to get the perfect sound easliy and quickly without the need for long sound checks. Control the Mix via one or more iPad devices simultaneously, via the optional USB Wi-Fi adaptor. For complete remote control over all mixer functions. Each iPad can control different screens or different parameters in addition to the mixer’s own touchscreen. Whether you’re a band member adjusting your monitor mix or a sound man out in the audience, you’re covered. With advanced feedback suppression technology, the SoundScape M20d won't let feedback destroy your set. The system quickly identifies problematic frequencies and compensates for them automatically. Your audio is constantly being analysed and monitored ensuring optimum feedback rejection. The SoundScape M20d also allows you to easily record your set, not only can you print your FOH mix you can track up to 16 channels on top. Record at high-resolution 24-bit direct to SD card, USB drive or to your Mac or PC - capture everything with or without a computer. For multi-track recording all channels are tapped pre-effects, so that your tracks are clean and clear from any situation processing. Giving you maximum flexibility in the studio to polish your performance in your favourite DAW. Connect your StageScape to Line 6 StageSource speaker systems via L6 LINK, and enjoy a completely digitally controlled integrated system. StageScape automatically recognises which loudspeakers are being used as monitors and routes feeds. Main PA speakers automatically self-configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimisation. StageScape will also detect any subs and sets crossovers to suit. The Line 6 StageScape M20d main features include: 12 high-performance, digitally controlled, auto-sensing mic/line inputs 4 additional auto-sensing line inputs 2 digital streaming inputs direct from computer, USB drive or SD card Stereo line inputs for integrating MP3 players or other sound sources 4 auto-sensing monitor outputs on balanced XLR connectors 2 auto-sensing main outputs on balanced XLR connectors L6 LINK multi-channel digital networking for integrating L6 LINK-enabled speaker systems Touchscreen visual mixing environment Remote control capability via one or more iPad or iPad 2 devices* Multi-channel recording to computer, USB drive or SD card Quick-capture recording to internal memory for sound check Internal 32-bit floating point audio processing Massive DSP power provides parametric EQs, dynamic EQs, compressors, multi-band compressors, gates, delays, limiters and more Multi-band feedback suppression on every mic input 4 stereo master effects engines including reverbs, delays and vocal doubler Virtually unlimited I/O Setups, Scenes and Channel Processing Presets

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